Ductless Split System

A ductless split system is an excellent way to heat and cool your home or office without the dusty air ducts commonly associated with HVAC systems. At Global Heating and Air Conditioning, we have years of experience with almost every heating and cooling option on the market, and ductless split systems are no exception. We can recommend the right product for your home or office and install it properly, getting you off to a great start saving money on your heating and cooling expenses. Our trained technicians also provide regular maintenance and perform quick and painless repairs, so your ductless system will always be there when you need it.

How it Works

Instead of forcing heated or cooled air through ducts, like a traditional central air conditioning unit or heat pump, a ductless system introduces clean, conditioned air directly into a room, or zone. The ductless system is called a “split system” because it consists of a small outdoor unit and another unit for each inside zone, up to nine zones on a single condenser unit. It is ideal for small homes, especially the once that don’t have spaces for ducting or home that has hot and cold spots, and homes that have radiant heat or window-unit air conditioning. However, it can also be applied to any size commercial spaces with multiple rooms or fewer rooms, such as a small office complex or studio.

Ductless Split System


The ductless split system includes a multi-level air filtration process, resulting in cleaner, healthier air than ducted systems. In a ducted system, dust, dirt, and allergens can build up in the ducts, even with regular filter replacement, duct cleaning, and maintenance. With a ductless split system, you get cleaner air inside so you can breathe easier in your home or office. Ductless split systems are also more efficient than ducted systems because there is no loss of heat or cooled air as it is pumped directly into the zone that needs it. Combined with the smaller energy requirements from its reduced size, a ductless split heating and cooling system, like a ductless heat pump, can save you a bundle on your overall heating and cooling costs. Instead of running your central HVAC system to cool or heat the whole house, use the multi zone ductless system and you can cool or heat any part of the house individually.

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