5 Types of Air Conditioners and Which is the Best for You

With summer fast approaching, many are contemplating the need for an air conditioner. If you need a new cooling system and are uncertain of which is the best central air conditioner brand for your home, you are not alone. Between the variety of air conditioners available and the use of heating and cooling terminology, choosing the right unit for your home can be a challenging and confusing process. To make the process no sweat, we have done the work and research for you. Here are five different types of air conditioners and which is best for you and your home.


Window Air Conditioners

When it comes to common types of air conditioners, the window air conditioner is at the top of the list of units found in homes across the nation. Designed to cool a specific amount of space, this “unitary unit” is mounted in the window of a room. It uses an exhaust method, pushing the warm air out and cool air inward. This system is effective for cooling smaller spaces, but it is not ideal for larger homes.


Central Air Conditioning Units

A popular system for cooling larger homes is a central air conditioning unit. This unit circulates cool air through supply-and-return ducts, making it one of the more efficient methods of cooling the air in one’s home. Because it is essential to install the appropriately-sized unit for the size of the house, these types of air conditioners require professional installation.



Portable Air Conditioners

Similar to window cooling units, portable air conditioners are ideal for smaller spaces. This type of air conditioner is designed for easy installation and works by forcing the warm air out of the room via an exhaust hose in a window and it then returns cool air. Two advantages of using this model are its affordability and versatility, allowing you to move the unit around to different areas of the home when needed.


HVAC Systems

Having a combined system for your heating and cooling needs is best for larger homes. With a compressor outside your house and furnace located inside, this system circulates air efficiently throughout one’s home via vents and ducts. An HVAC system is one of the more complicated types of air conditioning systems, with parts including thermostat, refrigerant lines, and evaporator coils. This system requires professional installation to ensure all safety measures are met.


Evaporative Air Conditioners

Not as popular as refrigerant HVAC systems, evaporative air conditioners (often referred to as “swamp coolers”) are still quite effective at cooling down a larger home. Unlike other air conditioning systems that rely on freon to cool the air in your home, evaporative air conditioners use only air and water. Common in the southwestern region of the US, this type of air conditioning system pulls the outside warm air into your home through moistened pads, which cools and distributes the air throughout your house.

Choosing which air conditioner unit will be best for your home doesn’t have to be difficult. Consulting with a heating and cooling expert will help you determine which model of air conditioning will be effective and efficient for your living space.

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