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3 Ways to Maximize Your Energy Efficient HVAC this Winter

Winter is something that isn’t all that difficult for a San Diego homeowner. We are fortunate enough to experience sunny days almost year-round. When winter does comes around, we simply bundle up, bring out our thickest blankets, and turn up the heat.

One thing that we fail to keep in mind during this time is our energy bill. Most homeowners use a central heating system or HVAC units to heat their home, but the cost of this can add up. However, it doesn’t have to. There are ways you can prevent your energy efficient HVAC unit from racking up massive heating bills on you while still living comfortably during the year’s coldest months.

Let’s have a look at some ways in which HVAC units tend to rack up unnecessary charges and what you can do to mitigate them. So that you’re able to enjoy a comfortable level of heat in your home all winter long without breaking the bank.


1. Invest in Heater Repair

HVAC units can become clogged or damaged, causing them to leak air and significantly drive up your energy bill. The first thing you should do if your HVAC is eating up energy is to check it for damage and dirt. Check the air filter in your unit and replace it if it looks clogged. A clogged air filter means your unit has to work harder and longer to achieve the same results.

Check the coils on your unit as well. They can become clogged with dirt and debris just like the air filter. Shut the power off and vacuum the fins on your unit or spray them down with a hose. This will also help to improve air quality in your home. Call your HVAC provider and have them conduct maintenance, they can do all the tasks.


2. Clean Your Airways

Check the air ducts and registers around your house to make sure they aren’t clogged as well. Clogged airways have the same effect on your energy bill as if your HVAC was clogged. Also, check for holes and seal them up tightly if you find them.

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3. Buy a Smart Thermostat

A programmable thermostat, or a “smart thermostat” is one of the easiest ways you can lower your energy bill. Instead of having your HVAC unit blasting 24/7, you can choose the best thermostat settings to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.  

Smart thermostats learn your habits, are accessible through your phone and optimize the best setting on their own. They can easily save you money throughout the year and are simple to navigate.

Many home heating systems do not come with a smart thermostat, so you’ll probably need to purchase one and install it yourself. Or you could always call in the professionals to help you install it if you aren’t a particularly talented electrician yourself.


Don’t Cheat Yourself This Winter

If you have an HVAC unit with damage, clogging or messed up in any way, it’s probably costing you money. The idea applies to your air ducts, which can experience clogging from dust and debris. Remember to repair holes in your air ducts and clean them out.

Clean out your energy-efficient HVAC coils and change the air filter as well. Installing a smart thermostat on top of this should be the final piece you need to solve your winter energy crisis and save boatloads of money this year. If you require further assistance with your HVAC, get in touch with Global Heating and Air Conditioning. We can maximize HVAC systems and get them running to their full potential.


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