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What to Consider when Choosing Furnace Options for Your Home Global Heating and Air Conditioning

What to Consider when Choosing Furnace Options for Your Home

With so many different furnace options out there, finding the best one for your home can be a serious challenge. With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time for you to be on the market for your heating needs. Retailers slash prices during warm months so now is a great time to get a bargain on a great system. But before you commit, be sure to read this short guide so you can make the best decision for your heating needs.


What’s Your Duct Situation?  

Furnaces work by forcing hot air through a series of ducts. If your home is not equipped with ducts, then you need to consider this cost of installation of this as well as the cost of your new system. You also need to make sure your ducts are well-maintained and functioning properly. If you are working with a solid local company, they will typically include a duct refurb or something similar to their installation cost.


Energy Source

There is nothing worse than discovering that your heating unit is blowing cold air. When considering your furnace options, you need to be sure that you take into account the cost of what powers your system. Generally, systems work either through oil, natural gas or electricity. Each of these is subject to their own price changes over time. What you want to look for is a system with a high AFUE rating (over 80). The upfront investment may be a bit higher, but over time they will pay for themselves.


Home Size

This needs to be one of the first things you think about as you choose furnace options. If you have a large home, then you need a system that is able to heat all of it. On the other hand, if you only need to heat a small apartment or even just a room or two, you’d be better off when a smaller, electrical unit. In this fashion, it’s always good to start off by taking the square footage of your home into account when trying to estimate gas furnace size.


Maintenance and Repair

Over time, your system will need routine maintenance and repair. Generally, it’s a good idea to have a certified expert check your system at least once a season to furnace troubleshoot and make sure everything is in working order. That said, even less expensive systems may have hard to find/expensive components so are sure that the parts you need are easily available.


Bonus tip: many big name brands like Carrier use the same components as other lower priced brands so be sure to do your homework. You just might be able to get a world-class system at a bargain price.


The Best Furnace Options for Your Needs

More than anything, when considering your different furnace options, you need to be sure you have an easy to use a system that is reliable and dependable. Before you decide, have a heating and air technician come to your home and assess your needs. They can help you find the best system for your budget and needs to make sure you are never stuck in the cold.

If you need more information about installation, read our post “Essential Questions to Ask During your Commercial HVAC Install“.

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