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Essential Facts to Know about Heaters to Keep Warm this Winter

Winter is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to crank up the heat to fight those winter blues. Modern heating systems have existed as we know them for over a hundred years now, but recent technological changes have made systems more cost-effective and user-friendly than ever before. If you are looking for some good ways to lower your energy bills, all while not sacrificing comfort, then check out some of these amazing facts on heaters.


1) Electric Wall Heaters vs. HVAC

Many homes these days are built with HVAC systems. These systems are a great way to heat the entire home, but if you live in a smaller house or apartment or in a milder climate, these systems may actually cost you more money than they are worth.

In places like Southern California, where it doesn’t get too cold, electric wall heaters are often a better option, as you can heat the room you sleep in or relax in while not spending money heating the entire house.


2) Smart Everything

These days, just about every device imaginable has a “smart” option, and thermostats are no different. These systems are great because you can fine-tune your heating needs. Best of all, they can typically be equipped with your existing system, so all you have to do is upgrade the panel and you’re good to go.

Smart thermostats often have smartphone connection capabilities, giving you the option to tailor your home’s temperature wherever you are. You can also set automatic schedules, so your heater is only running when you need it to be. So no matter what system you use, be sure you have a smart thermostat that’s connected to your phone and home network. You can even bundle with apps that control other things such as your home’s lighting and more!  


3) Maintenance and Repair

Inefficient heaters can raise your utility bills by over 20%. People can’t afford for these costs when they are compounded during seasons in which electricity is more expensive due to increased demand. Before winter kicks into gear, it’s essential to make sure your system is well maintained.

The benefit of smart thermostats is they can provide you with helpful statistics to see if your system is running under optimal conditions. Be sure to act soon, and get your local HVAC specialists out to your home before it hits peak season. Any money you spend on heating repairs will be quickly offset by your savings and comfort.


Heaters for all Your Needs

These days there are all kinds of heaters. There are the simple ones you can just plug into the wall to complicated HVAC systems. Regardless of what system you employ, the most important thing is taking advantage of today’s modern technology. With today’s latest apps and connectivity features, there’s no reason for you to ever walk into a freezing cold home. Contact Global Heating & Air Conditioning today to see how our experts can help you prepare your home and central heating systems to be ready for whatever weather winter might throw your way.

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