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How To Pest-Proof Your HVAC System

HVAC systems are not cheap. Replacing one due to age and natural deterioration is part of the game, no matter how painful the process. Buying a new unit for other reasons is much harder to swallow; especially if the failure could’ve been easily prevented. Guarding against damage caused by rodents and insects is cheap, easy, and will extend the life of your unit. So, pest proof your HVAC today to add years to the life to your system.

We all know complicated systems like HVAC units require regular maintenance. That’s why having an annual checklist is so important. Unfortunately, these lists rarely include preventative measures aimed to defeat one of your HVAC system’s greatest enemies. Pests.

Pests, such as rodents, snakes, insects, and small mammals, pose two problems when they infiltrate your HVAC. They can wreak havoc on your expensive unit by tearing up the condenser coils, bending the fan blades, and compromising your duct work. Pests can also cause environmental issues by impacting the air quality inside your home leading to disease and an increase in allergic reactions, especially in people with compromised immune systems.

Where Pests Strike

Pests are just like you; they love moisture and climate control. Your HVAC system has plenty of both. To pest proof, your HVAC involves both preventing unwanted critters from entering and finding where they are hiding once inside.

Places to Check When You Pest Proof Your HVAC


Pests already in your home love to crawl around in your ductwork, fouling your air and spreading disease and allergens throughout your home. To prevent this from happening, perform an annual inspection of your ductwork and seal any gaps or cracks you notice. Often, the original tape becomes rotten over time. Replace anything that looks compromised. One of the best things about a quality HVAC unit is the improved air quality in your home, so take the necessary steps to protect your investment.

Flues and Vents

Anywhere your system leaves or enters your home is vulnerable to attack from pests. To pest proof your HVAC, check these vulnerabilities every year to make sure they are still sealed. This will protect your unit and will give you better insulation as well. Remember, mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime, so any penetration should be repaired immediately.

Exterior Condenser Unit

Although it is unlikely that a pest will stay inside your condenser unit for long without being driven off by the fan, it is possible for them to make a nest in the coils or even the control unit. Once they begin chewing up anything and everything they can reach, your unit will become compromised. At least once a year, clean the outdoor components of your system thoroughly and inspect the insulation for signs of rodent teeth.

No one wants to live in a home infested with pests. They damage expensive equipment and compromise your health. When you pest proof your HVAC you increase the lifespan of your system and improve the air quality you live in and breathe every day. So, add pest proofing to your annual checklist and avoid the pain of replacing your unit long before you expected.

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