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Stay Ahead in HVAC: Top 15 Blogs and Forums for Contractors in 2023


The HVAC industry is a dynamic and ever-evolving field, and for contractors, staying at the forefront of industry trends, business strategies, and technical innovations is essential for success. In 2023, the digital landscape will be filled with a wealth of knowledge and resources for HVAC professionals. In this guide, we’ve curated a list of the top 15 HVAC blogs and forums that are invaluable resources for contractors in 2023. Whether you’re looking for technical insights, business guidance, or a community of like-minded professionals, these online platforms have you covered.

HVAC Blogs: Your Source for Expertise

Contractor Magazine

Website: Contractor Magazine

Contractor Magazine is a comprehensive resource for HVAC contractors. It offers valuable information on HVAC industry trends, business strategies, and technical insights. Contractors can find articles covering a wide range of topics, from market dynamics to the latest innovations in HVAC technology.


Website: ACHR News

ACHR News is a leading source for news and analysis in the HVAC industry. This blog covers a wide spectrum of topics, ensuring that contractors have access to the latest news, trends, and in-depth analysis of industry developments.

HVAC.com Blog

Website: HVAC.com Blog

The HVAC.com Blog is an excellent resource for contractors looking for information on HVAC maintenance, installation, and energy efficiency. It features articles that provide practical tips and guidance to help contractors excel in their work.

The HVAC School Blog

Website: The HVAC School Blog

For contractors seeking to enhance their technical knowledge and skills, The HVAC School Blog offers a wealth of resources. It provides technical tips, training materials, and product reviews specifically tailored to HVAC professionals.

Contracting Business

Website: Contracting Business

Contracting Business is a blog that covers not only technical aspects but also delves into business management, technology, and industry news. This multifaceted resource equips contractors with the knowledge they need to excel in all areas of their HVAC business.

LennoxPROs Blog

Website: LennoxPROs Blog

LennoxPROs Blog is a valuable resource for contractors, providing tips, product information, and business resources. It assists HVAC professionals in making informed decisions about equipment and services.

Mitsubishi Electric Blog

Website: Mitsubishi Electric Blog

Mitsubishi Electric Blog offers insights into ductless HVAC technology and industry trends. Contractors can stay updated on cutting-edge technology and applications in the HVAC field.

HVAC Redu Blog

Website: HVAC Redu Blog

HVAC Redu Blog is an excellent resource for contractors and individuals interested in HVAC training and certification. It offers educational content and resources to help professionals advance in their careers.


Website: ASHRAE Blog

The official blog of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the ASHRAE Blog features industry standards and research. Contractors can stay informed about the latest developments in HVAC technology and regulation.

HVAC Forums: Connect and Share Knowledge


Website: HVAC-Talk

HVAC-Talk is a forum-style blog where HVAC professionals can engage in discussions on a variety of industry-related topics. It serves as a platform for sharing experiences, seeking advice, and connecting with a vibrant HVAC community.


Website: HVAC Site

HVAC Site is an online community designed for HVAC contractors and technicians to exchange knowledge and insights. It’s a place where professionals can connect with peers and share their expertise while also gaining insights from professionals in other construction-related fields.

Contractor Talk

Website: Contractor Talk

Contractor Talk is a general construction forum that includes a dedicated HVAC section. Contractors can connect with peers and share their expertise while also gaining insights from professionals in other construction-related fields.

The Wall: Heating and Air Conditioning Forum

Website: The Wall

Focusing specifically on heating and air conditioning discussions, troubleshooting, and advice, The Wall forum is a place where contractors can dive deep into technical issues and share their experiences.

HVAC Pro Forums

Website: HVAC Pro Forums

HVAC Pro Forums is a community where professionals can discuss equipment, techniques, and best practices in the HVAC industry. It’s a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise to elevate the quality of HVAC services.

Red-Flag Deals HVAC Forum

Website: Red-Flag Deals HVAC Forum

For contractors interested in deals and discounts on HVAC equipment and tools, the Red-Flag Deals HVAC Forum is the place to be. It’s a platform for finding cost-effective solutions and maximizing savings.

Conclusion: Your HVAC Knowledge Arsenal in 2023

The HVAC industry is a rapidly evolving field, and staying well-informed and connected is crucial for contractors. The 15 blogs and forums listed here offer a diverse range of resources to cater to the needs of HVAC professionals in 2023. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your technical skills, stay updated on industry trends, or connect with fellow professionals, these online platforms are your essential tools for success in the HVAC industry. Remember, knowledge is power, and by leveraging these resources, you’ll be better equipped to excel in the ever-advancing world of HVAC.


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