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Benefits of HVAC systems

The Overlooked Benefits of HVAC Systems

When we install HVAC in our homes, we tend to think of the creature benefits it brings, as it helps control the climatic conditions brought about by changing seasons. When we examine the overlooked benefits of HVAC systems, it takes us far beyond controlling the temperature and humidity levels of our homes.

Controlling the indoor climate was not an option a few decades back, and this left our possessions at the mercy of the elements. In truth, our insurance coverage could now decline if we choose to live without the services provided by our ‘old faithful’ HVAC system.

Weather Extremes

Maintaining an even temperature indoors, helps protect the contents of your home too. Imagine how some of your possessions would deteriorate if the HVAC was left off, or was faulty and not able to do the job it was designed for. Without the protection it offers, moisture and temperature could create havoc with some furnishings and possessions around your home.

Control Humidity Before it Controls You

You will always find some moisture in the air flowing around your home. Air leaks, steam in the bathroom and from cooking activities, even normal breathing all add to air moisture. Ideally, household humidity levels should remain between 30 and 50 percent.

Higher moisture levels encourage mold growth and can result in moisture damage and even the integrity of your home over time. Home contents and fabrics are also prone to damage when moisture levels build. Too little moisture can damage wooden furniture and musical instruments.

Maintaining an Even Temperature

It is the job of the HVAC to maintain a comfortable and even temperature around your home. If it is not functioning properly due to lack of maintenance, temperature swings will occur according to the prevailing weather. Warmer temperatures cause the air to retain moisture, while a cooler home atmosphere has the opposite effect. The bottom line is that temperature swings can lead to damage to the home and its contents. You can avoid this by using the HVAC correctly, and keeping it properly maintained.

Protection Provided by HVAC

Depending on the climate in your region, the benefits of HVAC systems coupled with a home humidifier/dehumidifier are appreciable. Together, these systems provide optimal protection for your home and its treasured contents.

This is how unbalanced moisture levels take their toll:

  • Upholstery – Window coverings and furniture upholstery are both costly considerations in our homes. Exposure to high and low temperature swings around your home can cause damage to them. Keeping an even temperature and ideal humidity level indoors is the only way to ensure that these costly adornments last a long time.
  • Electronics – Unbalanced moisture levels can cause havoc with electronic equipment, and can even result in irreparable damage. High humidity levels result in moisture collecting on components, causing corrosion. Conversely, low moisture introduces static electricity and the risk of short circuits on sensitive components.
  • WoodworkWood is organic and reacts to moisture in the air. The moisture content of the environment causes moisture loss or gain. With moisture loss, wood contracts or shrinks, but an increase in humidity results in the wood expanding. This causes cracking over time.

The benefits of a HVAC system go far beyond keeping the air in our homes pleasant. This article shares the importance of an efficient, well-maintained home heating and cooling plant.

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