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Upgrade Your Heating System in the Fall Months Before It’s too Late

Before the cold season arrives, it’s good sense to ensure that your heating system is ready to battle low temperatures. While heat is essential during the cold season, that’s also a time when heating costs soar. An optimal heating system will not only help to provide you with the comfort you need on cold days but also keep energy costs at the desired level. Take the proactive approach and upgrade your heating system for one that is more efficient if you notice that your current heating system is not up to par. Continue reading to learn about several reasons to get a new heating system installed. 


1. Energy and Money-Saving

An annual furnace tune-up is a key maintenance measure that ensures that a piece of heating equipment is safe, operating efficiently to capacity and is helping to minimize cost and save on energy. A heating system that is in prime working condition will not be a money pit. A poorly maintained and inefficient heating system saps more energy and will result in higher energy bills and functions poorly in keeping your space warm when you need it the most. According to Energy.gov, heating systems in a home uses a lot of energy and typically makes up about 42% of your utility bill. 


If a heating system is not performing at an optimal level, energy bills will be higher. There are many ways to be more energy efficient whether it be at home or at the office. However, a tune-up might not be sufficient to solve your heating problem, and if so, opt to upgrade your heating system altogether. An energy saving alternative for your home would be a heat pump, which can greatly reduce your energy bill.


2. Improvement in Safety and Comfort

The last thing that you want to do when you need to keep your home warm is to worry about the safety of your heating system. An aging HVAC system might raise concerns if it was cooling the house properly during the warm months; the chance is that heating might also be a problem in the cold months. It’s also a good idea to check for cracks or any defect that may make the heating system a hazard for you and your family. Harmful gases can leak through cracks and result in the development of health problems. 

Before the cold arrives, if you see that you can do with an upgrade, seek local HVAC services for help to keep your family safe. You may find that a new system with technological features if best suited for your home. 


3. Less Susceptible to a Breakdown

The mid-winter breakdown of your heating system is no laughing matter. It is something that should be prevented. A furnace breakdown can be caused by aging, poor maintenance or the total neglect of upkeep and care of a heating system. The premature breakdown can be signaled by strange noises from the system, unusual/foul odor from the vents, leakage, no warm air, and poor airflow. Be smart and not ignore any of these signs and get a new central heating installation performed by a trusted professional. Avoid the stress of a breakdown and being stuck in the cold.


4. Boost Property Value

Whether or not you are planning to put your home on the market, an upgrade of your heating system is a great investment. It’s an automatic improvement and boost in the value of your home that will pay off later on. You can rest easy when it comes to an inspection report that will ultimately make buyers happy. A new heating system will make your home more attractive to buyers and lend to a quicker sale.


An updated system may be just what you and your family comfortable this cold season. It is a great way to avoid breakdown, improve your heating, reduce the cost of energy and enhance safety and the value of your home. Upgrade your heating system and keep stress at bay, improve energy efficiency, cut costs and stay warm.