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The “Switch Is On” rebate program in California aims to help households reduce their energy consumption while helping the state meet its climate goals. Tech Clean California is the organization behind the initiative, which provides refunds to single- and multi-family homes that upgrade to new central heat pump systems or heat pump micro splits. Each household can receive up to $6,000 in refunds, depending on the number of systems changed.

The program also offers rebates to assist homeowners in replacing their old gas Furnaces with high efficiency Heat-Pump HVAC systems and water heaters with energy-efficient heat pump water heaters. This can save anywhere between $1,000 and $3,100, depending on the fuel source used by the old unit. Replacing the old gas furnace and water heater with a new energy-efficient heat pump heater can offer many benefits, such as reducing the risk of gas leaks and harmful carbon monoxide fumes, as well as lowering the risk of fire and reducing electricity expenditures.

Global Heating and Air Conditioning is a participating contractor that can help homeowners with Heat pumps devices that qualify for the Tech clean california rebate program. Heat-pumps use electricity to transfer heat from one location to another and it can be used for both heating and cooling. They are more energy-efficient than typical conventional HVAC systems and can provide Hot and cold air using high end technology.

Heat pumps have many advantages, such as providing year-round comfort heating and cooling, and lasting far longer than standard HVAC systems while becoming significantly quieter. They also filter contaminants and allergies from the air, providing clean, healthy air for you and your family to breathe. Additionally, the current programs make it more cost effective and less expensive than standard HVAC systems, utilize energy from renewable sources, and transform it into usable heat, making them an excellent solution for consumers who want to lower their energy expenditures and reduce their environmental impact while maintaining a comfortable home temperature.

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a heating and cooling system that can provide warmth during winter and cool air during summer. It works by moving heat from one place to another using electricity. The refrigerant circulates through a cycle of evaporation. When we run AC we realize hot air is extracted from the outdoor condenser and cool air inside, when we switch to heat pump the system reverses the cycle and will push cold air outside and hot air inside, this is called reversing the refrigeration cycle. This is the simple explanation of a heat-pump system that will bring energy-efficient and cost-effective alternatives to traditional HVAC systems, as they use less energy and work in all climates. They can also heat water for your home, reducing the need for a conventional water heater. In summary, heat pumps provide an energy-efficient and comfortable way to maintain indoor temperatures all year round using renewable energy.


Benefits of Heat pump:

Heat pumps are appliances that can both cool and heat spaces by transferring heat using electricity. They have several benefits over traditional HVAC systems. First, heat pumps are energy efficient and can produce up to three times more energy than they consume, making them cost-effective for homeowners who want to save on energy bills. Second, they use renewable energy sources, such as the sun and air, which have a lower environmental impact than non-renewable sources. Third, heat pumps are versatile and can be used for both heating and cooling, as well as providing hot water. Fourth, they have a long lifespan of up to 20 years and require minimal maintenance. Fifth, they operate quietly and improve indoor air quality by filtering contaminants and allergies. Finally, homeowners can save money in the long run by installing a heat pump and may also receive rebates and incentives from their utility companies.

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