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Air Conditioning Condensers

The condenser unit is one of the HVAC products, which is needed to move and control the refrigerant throughout the system. Without a condenser, air conditioning your home or business is not possible. We offer the best, most efficient air conditioning condensers available to keep you cool and save you money.


Preferred™ Series Air Conditioners

Seer Rating: Up to 17.0
Sound Rating: as low as 66
Compressor Type: Two-Stage, Single-Stage
Models: 127ANA, 124ANS, 106ANA, 105ANA
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Evolution® Series Air Conditioners

Seer Rating: Up to 21
Sound Rating: as low as 56
Compressor Type: Two-Stage, Single-Stage, Variable-Speed
Models: 189BNV, 180BNA, 187B
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Furnace for Heating

Forced-air furnaces make it easy to keep you warm in cold winter nights. Browse our selection of furnaces that will keep you toasty as the temperatures drop.


Preferred™ Series Variable & Multi-Speed Gas Furnaces

AFUE Rating: up to 96.5%
Gas Valve Type: Single-Stage, Two-Stage
Models: 926T, 925T, 925S, 314A
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Legacy™ Line Fixed-Speed Gas Furnaces

AFUE Rating: up to 95%
Gas Valve Type: Single-Stage
Models: 915S, 912S, 310A
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Evolution® Variable-Speed Gas Furnaces

AFUE Rating: up to 98.3%
Gas Valve Type: Modulating, Two-Stage
Models: 987M, 986T, 315A
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Ductless Heat Pump

Combining the energy efficiency of a heat pump with the money-saving power of a ductless system can save you up to 50% on your heating and cooling costs!


Single Zone Systems


Multi-Zone Systems

Fan Coil

Finding the right fan coil for your heating and cooling system is a key to reaching optimum efficiency. You are sure to find the one you need among our versatile options.


Legacy™ Line Fan Coil FV4B

Fan Motor Type: Variable Speed
Model: FE4A
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Legacy™ Line Fan Coil


Multi-speed Fan Coil

Fan Motor Type: Multi-speed
Model: FX4D
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Evaporator Coil

One part can make a big difference in the overall efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump. Explore your options for maximizing your savings with our range of evaporating coils.


Preferred™ Upflow/Downflow Cased a Evaporator Coil

Model: CAPVP
Application: Vertical
Type: Cased A
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Preferred™ Horizantal Cased N Evaporator Coil

Model: CNPHP
Application: Manufactured Housing
Type: Uncased A
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Preferred™ Multipoise A Evaporator Coil

Model: CAPMP
Application: Multipoise
Type: Cased A
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Heat Pump

The heat pump is an excellent heating and cooling solution for the varied climate of California. Invest in a heat pump today to reap the energy saving benefits tomorrow.


Evolution® Series Heat Pumps

Seer Rating: up to 20.5
HSPF Rating: up to 13.0
Compressor Type: Variable-Speed, Single-Stage
Models: 280A, 288BNV, 285BNA
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Preferred™ Series Heat Pumps

Seer Rating: up to 17.5
HSPF Rating: up to 9.5
Compressor Type: Single-Stage, Two-Stage
Models: 226ANA, 215BNA, 214DNA, 224ANS
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Another HVAC products are the smart thermostats, giving you the ability to control your domain, or at least the temperature at which it remains! See how upgrading your thermostat can give you greater control of your heating and cooling costs with these great products.


Preferred™ Programmable Thermostat

Model T6-PAC01-A
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Evolution® Connex™ Control

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Air Purifier

Breathe easier with an air purifier to whisk away pesky allergens and harmful toxins. We offer a range of purifiers suitable for nearly any system.


Evolution® Perfect Air™ Purifier for Furnaces and Fan Coils

MERV Efficiency: 15
Performance: Germicidal
Model: GAPAA
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Preferred™ Series Air Purifiers

MERV Efficiency: 13
Performance: Germicidal
Model: PGAP
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Legacy™ EZ Flex Cabinet Air Filter

MERV Efficiency: 10
Performance: Standard Filtration
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Packaged Units

Packaged units give you the option of purchasing an all-in-one heating and cooling solution without the hassle of picking individual parts. Browse our selection of complete HVAC packages and see how much you can save!


Preferred™ Series Packaged Systems

Seer Rating: Up to 16
HSPF Rating: 8.0, 8.5, N/A
Compressor Type: Single-Stage, Two-Stage
Model: 577E, 577C, 577ENWB, 607E
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Legacy™ Line Packaged Systems

Seer Rating: Up to 14.5
HSPF Rating: N/A
Compressor Type: Single-Stage
Model: 607C
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CO Indicator

Carbon Monoxide Detectors let you sleep soundly knowing that you are safe. Explore our best of CO detection products.

Wall-Mounted Indoor Unit


M Series GL Model


M Series EF Model

Floor-Mounted Indoor Unit


KJ Series

Ceiling-Recessed Indoor Unit


MLZ Series


SLZ Series

Horizontal-Ducted Indoor Unit


SEZ Series

Multi-Position Ducted Air Handler


SEZ Series

Outdoor Unit


MXZ Series

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