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Global is a Full-Stack Solar Solutions Provider

Global Heating and Air Conditioning specializes in all things solar. If you're already considering getting solar for your home, we want to talk to you! There are so many benefits of running your home off of solar energy.

Here are some of our solar services:

Solar Panel Retailing

Residential Installation

Personal Consultation

Residential Solar System Design

Our team understands that the decision whether or not to go through with a solar installation is big for most people. With that said, we are dedicated to help and support you every step of the way. We answer your questions about the costs, the installation timeline, and most of all, the details and specifications of our products.

Why should you consider solar for your home?

It's really a no-brainer.

Experts predict that the average home will save $41,000 over 20 years after purchasing solar panels in San Diego. So for one, installing solar panels in your home will eliminate your electricity bill, opening up more opportunities to spend your money on things that you love.

In addition, solar energy has a much smaller carbon footprint than the traditional fossil fuel counterpart. That said, you are doing your community, and ecosystem as a whole, a service by using non-waste to power your home.



Global's Solar Service Process


1. Tell Us About Your Solar Needs


2. We Connect You With a Specialist


3. Services Are Rendered


4. Final Inspection and Client Approval

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